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Colorado Edition: A Tale Of Two Shelters

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Today on Colorado Edition: We hear about the Colorado communities trying to avoid furloughing employees. We also travel to two emergency shelters in Denver to better understand how the coronavirus is impacting those without a stable place to stay. Plus, we take a look at how nonprofits in northern Colorado are faring amid economic uncertainty. With Ramadan beginning Thursday at sundown, we also explore how religious organizations are adapting practice during the pandemic.

Municipal Furloughs And The Cities Trying To Avoid Them

Over the past few weeks, with revenue down as a result of the virus, cities along the Front Range, including Boulder, Loveland and Aurora, have furloughed employees. To discuss the latest on why cities are taking this step, and what could be in store for communities that haven’t, we spoke to BizWest’s Dan Mika.

Eastern Plains Nonprofits Push Themselves To Meet Needs

There may not be as many cases of COVID-19 in Colorado’s rural areas, but residents there are still being hit hard and many nonprofits are scrambling to meet the needs of their communities. But how are they doing? KUNC’s Adam Rayes checked in with a few organizations to see. You can go further with Adam’s story here.

Visiting Two Emergency Shelters In Denver

An emergency shelter opened Monday at the Denver Coliseum for women and transgender people who are experiencing homelessness. This comes not long after the city of Denver opened a new facility for men at the National Western Complex. The facilities are meant to consolidate services and staffing under one roof, while providing more space for social distancing among the guests who stay there. KUNC’s Rae Solomon toured both facilities and joined us to share what she saw.

How Religious Organizations Are Adapting The Way They Practice

Ramadan begins on Thursday at sundown. But this year, religious holidays are being celebrated in a different way, because of the state’s stay at home order and concerns over people gathering. To explore this topic more, we spoke with Reverend Amanda Henderson, executive director of the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado.

The Helpers: Library Services Remain Available

Another gathering place that has been closed for weeks is libraries across the state, but that doesn’t mean that libraries, and librarians, aren’t still providing services to patrons. In a recurring segment we’re calling “The Helpers,” we talk with the people who are helping, to find out about what they’re doing, and why. Today, in honor of National Library Week, we’ll hear from a local librarian who is stepping in to help.

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Stories written by KUNC newsroom staff.