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Colorado Edition: Hit The Road

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Today on Colorado Edition: We’ll learn about how chemical weapons are being destroyed in Pueblo. Plus, we’ll hear about a growing trend in pandemic-friendly vacations, and the history behind persistent income disparities in the San Luis Valley. We'll also hear KUNC film critic Howie Movshovitz's take on Spike Lee's Da 5 Bloods.

Destroying Chemical Weapons

A giant robotic arm in a plant in Pueblo is destroying hundreds of thousands of chemical weapons. The work is highly technical and dangerous. But the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t gotten in the way of the timeline to get rid of the weapons once and for all. KUNC’s military reporter Michael de Yoanna joined Colorado Edition to talk about the program.

RVs For Pandemic Vacations

U.S. air travel is down, and hotel occupancy remains low. However, one part of the tourism economy is attracting new customers even amidst a pandemic. Maggie Mullen reported for KUNC on how more Americans are looking to RVs and trailers to get away from home.

Income Disparities In The San Luis Valley

In Conejas County, in southwest Colorado, the median income for white families in 2017 was just over $52,000. In contrast, for that same year, the median income for Hispanic families was just below $27,000 dollars. What accounts for that disparity? Recent reporting from Benjamin Waddell in High Country News traces that disparity to a history of discriminatory lending practices which has shaped the San Luis Valley for generations. Waddell joined us with details.

New Spike Lee Film Is Well Worth A Watch

Director Spike Lee is still thought of as a young rebel. But he’s 63, and has made 91 films. And for KUNC film critic Howie Movshovitz – who teaches film and television at University of Colorado Denver – Lee’s latest, Da 5 Bloods, shows he still has a wild side.

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