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Colorado Edition: Keep A Horse Between You

Stephanie Daniel / KUNC

Today on Colorado Edition: We hear about how telemedicine services are thriving during the pandemic. We’ll also explore how protests have changed over the last few months, and we hear how some Colorado researchers are combating misinformation and conspiracies about vaccines. Plus, we discuss what we can learn from two camps that avoided COVID-19 outbreaks this summer.

Telehealth Services Are Thriving During The Pandemic

Many businesses have been forced to reduce in-person services because of the coronavirus pandemic. This includes hospitals and clinics. As a result, telemedicine is thriving. As KUNC’s Stephanie Daniel reports, what started out as an emergency fix during COVID-19 has become a more permanent solution.

How Protests Have Changed

Protest events have been unfolding across the state for months, as tensions built over coronavirus stressors and racial justice. For more on how protests in Colorado have evolved over time, we spoke with KUNC reporters Adam Rayes and Leigh Paterson.

What Can We Learn About COVID-19 From A Pair Of Summer Camps?

As we inch ever closer to the start of the school year, parents, teachers and administrators are still looking for the best course of action to take while trying to balance learning outcomes with the potential health risks of in-person learning.

Over the summer, Denver Public Schools and the Adams 12 Five Star District each held camps for students. And despite being held in-person, both camps managed to avoid COVID-19 outbreaks thanks to a lot of time, effort and a bit of luck. Melanie Asmar reported on these two summer camps for Chalkbeat Colorado and joins us now to discuss what lessons we can take away from those camps.

Vaccine Bootcamp

A vaccine against the virus behind COVID-19 offers the only certain return to normalcy. Even so, misinformation and conspiracy theories already abound and a vaccine hasn’t even been developed yet. It’s an issue people have been trying to combat for other vaccines that do exist. As KUNC’s Rae Ellen Bichell reports, Colorado researchers are taking an interesting approach.

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