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Colorado Edition: Feast On This

Montezuma Orchard Restoration Project
The Colorado Orange apple has been rediscovered after nearly a century. Growers hope to have it available to consumers in the next few years.

Today on a special episode of Colorado Edition all about food: We’ll get the lowdown on high altitude baking and we’ll get tips for preparing a feast in the forest. We’ll also squeeze in some history and learn all about two different fruits, and we’ll hear about an uncommon, but still well-loved, hot beverage.

High Altitude Baking Tips

With the winter holidays upon us, you may be planning on baking pies, cakes and cookies. But as you may have discovered, baking at higher altitudes here in Colorado is different from baking at sea level. Last year, Erin O’Toole visited some experts at Colorado State University to find out more about why this is, and what adjustments we should make so our desserts don't collapse.

The History Of The Colorado Orange Apple

Imagine an apple that is so tasty that it invokes fond memories 80 years after it disappeared from the orchard groves and grocery shelves. We’re talking about the Colorado orange apple and a century ago, this apple cultivar was widely grown in the state. But as the hand of time turned, the orange apple fell out of favor. Reporter Mark Duggan with KSUT near Durango explores the history of the orange apple and the story of a Colorado couple determined to keep it relevant.

Thanksgiving Dinner, But Make It Outdoors

During an otherwise typical year, Thanksgiving is a chance for many to relax and gather with family over a quality meal. For others, the long weekend offers a chance to get out and explore, an idea that has taken on new momentum during this pandemic. Last year, Henry Zimmerman wanted to see for himself what the holiday experience could look like if it was centered around the outdoors. So he found a local guide with a ton of backpacking experience to show him what Thanksgiving dinner could look like when you take it out of the kitchen.

All About Avocados

Now to learn about a food that isn’t necessarily common at the Thanksgiving table. We’re talking avocados — an extremely common food today and maybe a regular part of your diet. But avocados weren’t always easy to find. To learn more about the history of this fruit — and yes, avocados are fruits — we spoke with Jeff Miller. He is an associate professor in the Colorado State University Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, and the author of the new book, “Avocado: A Global History.”

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