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Colorado Edition: At The End Of The Road

Housemates Mary (left) and Brittany met through Sunshine Homeshare.
Alison Joucovsky
Housemates Mary (left) and Brittany met through Sunshine Homeshare.

On today’s Colorado Edition, we dig into the complications surrounding President Biden’s plan to remove all American troops from Afghanistan by September. Plus, we hear about new jobs in the tech-industry coming to Boulder. Then, we learn about how recent acts of police brutality have impacted people of color across the Mountain West. And, we hear about a nonprofit aiming to make Colorado communities more diverse when it comes to age.

Today’s guests include: Chris Wood, editor and publisher of BizWest; and Alison Joucovsky, executive director and founder of Sunshine Homeshare. This episode features reporting from KUNC investigative and veterans' issues reporter Michael de Yoannaand Mountain West News Bureau reporter Robyn Vincent.

Colorado Edition is made possible with support from our KUNC members. Thank you!

Colorado Edition is hosted by Erin O'Toole (@ErinOtoole1) and Henry Zimmerman. Our producers are Tess Novotny (@tess_novotny) and Alana Schreiber (@ayyschreib). The web was edited by digital editor Jackie Hai. We get production help from Rae Solomon (@raedear1). KUNC news director Brian Larson is our executive producer.

Our theme music was composed by Colorado musicians Briana Harris and Johnny Burroughs. Other music in the show provided by Blue Dot Sessions.

KUNC's Colorado Edition is a news magazine taking an in-depth look at the issues and culture of Northern Colorado. It's available on our website, as well as on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts. You can hear the show on KUNC, Monday through Thursday at 6:30 p.m., or Tuesday through Friday at 8:30 a.m.

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