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Colorado Edition: Labor Intensive

Matt Bloom

On today’s episode of Colorado Edition, we’ll hear how the Biden administration is lending a hand to small businesses. Then, we learn how Colorado restaurant and tourism industries are responding to the shortage of workers. Plus, we dig into a new lawsuit challenging Major League Baseball’s decision to move the All-Star game to Denver. And, we talk to an organization that brings Israelis and Palestinians together to work on sustainable projects with a bent towards peace.

Today’s guests include: Bizwest reporter Lucas High; Sustainable Israeli Palestinian Projects (SIPP) president Peter Ornstein; and board member of SIPP and professor at CU Boulder, Bernard Amadei. This episode features reporting from KUNC economy reporter Matt Bloom.

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This episode of Colorado Edition is hosted by Erin O'Toole (@ErinOtoole1) and and Alana Schreiber (@ayyschreib). Our producers are Tess Novotny (@tess_novotny) and Rae Solomon (@raedear1). The web was edited by digital editor Jackie Hai. KUNC news director Brian Larson is our executive producer.

Our theme music was composed by Colorado musicians Briana Harris and Johnny Burroughs. Other music in the show provided by Blue Dot Sessions.

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