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Colorado Edition: Hard To Mitigate

Liz DeCoster
CC BY 2.0

Today on Colorado Edition: After a months-long delay, Colorado finally has the local Census population data needed to draw electoral districts. We’ll dive into what the new data means for the redistricting process. We’ll also hear about a recent push to name a Colorado Veterans Affairs clinic after an anti-racist trailblazer. Plus, we hear about a slate of new laws that aim to address issues of discrimination and accessibility for Coloradans with disabilities. And, we explore how methane leaks impact our changing climate and the multiple efforts underway to locate and fix them.

Today’s show features reporting from: KUNC rural and small communities reporter Adam Rayes; KUNC military reporter Michael de Yoanna; and AAAS Mass Media fellow Ashley Piccone. And today’s guests include: Colorado state Rep. David Ortiz.

Colorado Edition is made possible with support from our KUNC members. Thank you!

Colorado Edition is hosted by Erin O'Toole (@ErinOtoole1) and Henry Zimmerman. Our production team includes Tess Novotny (@tess_novotny), Alana Schreiber (@ayyschreib) and Rae Solomon (@raedear1). KUNC news director Brian Larson is our executive producer. Web was edited by digital editor Jackie Hai.

Our theme music was composed by Colorado musicians Briana Harris and Johnny Burroughs. Other music in the show by Blue Dot Sessions.

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KUNC's Colorado Edition is a daily look at the stories, news, people and issues important to you. It's a window to the communities along the Colorado Rocky Mountains.
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