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How COVID-19 Is Impacting Colorado Students And The Return To In-Person Learning This Year

wuestenigel via Flickr

In recent weeks, the spread of coronavirus in Colorado has been trending upwards, with the state’s hospitalizations and positivity rate both inching up.

According to public health data from the state, over the last few weeks, COVID-19 cases among children have been rising at a faster rate than cases among adults, a trend that coincides with the return to in-person learning. In the last month, state public health officials have identified outbreaks in 14 schools, as well as a handful of care centers, a summer camp and a bible camp.

At schools across the state, everyone from students to administrators are dealing with the statewide rise in cases amid mask debates and a wide range of community vaccination rates.

Today on Colorado Edition, we spoke to Chalkbeat Colorado bureau chief Erica Meltzer to get the latest on the return to in-person learning in Colorado, and to explore how recent COVID-19 outbreaks are affecting the school day for students and staff.

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