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Colorado Edition: Athlete mental health; celebrating NPR’s founding mothers

National Public Radio staffer Susan Stamberg is pictured in her Washington office, Oct. 13, 1979.
National Public Radio staffer Susan Stamberg is pictured in her Washington office, Oct. 13, 1979.

When U.S. gymnast Simone Biles withdrew from the team and all-around competitions at the Olympics earlier this year, many were shocked to see the defending gold medalist step down at the top of her game — especially because she was not suffering from a physical injury, but a mental health concern. We spoke to Denver sports and performance psychologist Dr. Steve Portenga to learn more about the unseen struggles of many professional athletes.

And as NPR celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, we reflect on how public radio has opened up doors for female broadcast journalists. We listen back to a conversation with journalist and author Lisa Napoli about her book on NPR’s founding mothers, Susan, Linda, Nina & Cokie.

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