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Susan, Linda, Nina & Cokie: NPR's Founding Mothers

Jimmy Carter
Charles Tasnadi
President Jimmy Carter is pictured with Susan Stamberg just before broadcast of a National Public Radio call-in program from Washington, Oct. 13, 1979 in Washington. The president was slated to answer questions called in by listeners.

Back in May, NPR celebrated its 50th anniversary and all of the pioneers who helped build the broadcast empire back in its early days. Four instrumental members of the earliest days of NPR are Susan Stamford, Linda Wertheimer, Nina Totenberg and Cokie Roberts. These so-called “Founding Mothers” who helped chart new trails, open doors, lead the way for women in the field of radio journalism.

Lisa Napoli is a journalist, and the author of Susan, Linda, Nina & Cokie. She joined Colorado Edition to discuss her new book and the lives of these NPR trailblazers.

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