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Teachers of young students help them adjust to in-person learning — some for the first time ever

Ivory Jarman class
Photo courtesy of Ivory Jarman
Samuels Elementary School kindergarten teacher Ivory Jarman (back left) stands with her students on the playground.

Sharing, forging friendships, phonetics and early reading are things we might learn in preschool, kindergarten or first grade. For young students who went through classes remotely over the last year because of the pandemic, these skills had to be absorbed through a computer screen.

Most schools in Colorado are back to in-person learning – which, for some students, has meant a return to a routine closer to the pre-pandemic “normal.” But young students who spent a formative year at home are experiencing a more stark adjustment.

Colorado Edition spoke with two teachers who are helping their students navigate this change. Jennifer Hughes is a second-grade teacher at Butler Elementary in Fort Lupton. Ivory Jarman is an English Language Education teacher for kindergarteners at Samuels Elementary in Denver.

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