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Colorado Edition: Marshall Fire recovery in Superior; Republican River water shortages

Leigh Paterson
Boulder County residents at the Disaster Assistance Center set up in Lafayette for those impacted by the Marshall Fire.

President Biden is expected to travel to Boulder County tomorrow to meet with local officials and survivors of last week’s Marshall Fire, which ripped through 6,000 acres of land and destroyed around 1,000 homes and other structures. Residents and public officials of Louisville and Superior are reeling, but starting to talk about what recovery looks like. We speak with Superior mayor Clint Folsom about what the last week has been like for Superior, and how residents are processing.

Though the Colorado River gets a lot of attention, it’s not the only multi-state river that starts in Colorado. And it’s definitely not the only one facing a water shortage. On the eastern side of the continental divide is the Republican River. Flowing through the crop and of Yuma County, it also feeds into Kansas and Nebraska. In the first of a three-part series, KUNC’s Adam Rayes has more on the economic and environmental challenges the river basin faces, and how that’s impacting those who rely on it.

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