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Colorado Edition: Colorado women lead tech startup for people to rate safety, accessibility of businesses

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Crystal Egli (left) and Parker McMullen Bushman (right), co-founders of Inclusive Journeys, a tech startup that created the Inclusive Guide.

There is a long history of people creating guides to help others find inclusive spaces. In the 19th century, safe houses along the Underground Railroad displayed quilts with coded messages to help people who escaped slavery find safe passage. In the 20th century, Black travelers used the Green Book to navigate the U.S. safely.

Now, two Colorado women have created a website that aims to do something similar. The website, called Inclusive Guide, allows users to rate their experiences at businesses and other spaces. Those ratings give insight to users about how others with a similar identity have been treated, and whether they will be welcomed at a given business.

Crystal Egli and Parker McMullen Bushman are the co-founders of Inclusive Journeys, a tech startup that created Inclusive Guide. They join us to talk about the guide.

A quilt that belongs to Crystal Egli, co-founder of the Inclusive Journeys tech startup. The quilt includes a "flying east" pattern. This pattern was displayed by safe houses along the Underground Railroad in the early 19th century as a secret code meaning "safe, food, water, shelter" for people who escaped slavery. The logo for Inclusive Journeys is a modernized version of this pattern.

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