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Colorado Edition: Louisville family check-in; Colorado organization funds women and girls of color; how the Republican River got its name

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Adam Rayes
Water flows through this channel from a pipeline to the North Fork Republican River, one of the few tributaries of the river in Colorado with consistent flows.

Bronwyn Brewer is a Louisville resident and single mom of three whose home was severely damaged in the Marshall Fire. The home was left standing, but uninhabitable due to smoke and soot damage. Last month, we spoke with Brewer about her family’s experience, and what navigating insurance and disaster assistance is like when a home is uninhabitable. We check in again to see how recovery is going for her family one month later.

Charitable giving in the United States hit a record high in 2020. The biggest uptick came from foundations, whose philanthropic giving increased by 17%. But according to a national report, these organizations are significantly underfunding one specific group: women and girls of color. As KUNC’s Stephanie Daniel reports, one Colorado foundation is working to change this.

Over the last month, we've brought you a series about the Republican River, which begins in northeastern Colorado and flows through Kansas and Nebraska. We've explored how water disappearing from the streams and grounds are affecting farmers in the region, and how a history of interstate lawsuits and well permits got the basin to this point. We’ve also heard about efforts to conserve more water and get it flowing through again. Today, KUNC’s Adam Rayes explores the history of the Republican River and how it got its name.

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