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Colorado Edition: Recovering from the Marshall Fire; how beavers are reshaping rivers and streams; 10 years of DACA

Eli Imadali
Boulder Reporting Lab
A baby tag from when Melissa Lockman’s daughter, Zora, was born and still unnamed sits in a pile of charred papers recovered from the ashes of their burnt down Louisville home.

The Marshall Fire ripped through Boulder County at the end of last year. Many fire victims took almost nothing with them that day. But they went back to sift through the debris in the months that followed. In the KUNC series From The Ashes, Leigh Paterson brings us the stories of how they salvaged objects to help families process what they lost.

Climate change is reshaping the natural world, but one animal is doing its part to fight back. A new study lays out all the ways that beavers are helping reshape rivers and streams. As Alex Hager reports, they’re creating healthy waterways that are more resistant — and resilient — to the worst effects of climate change.

Last week marked the 10th anniversary of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. There are over 14,000 DACA recipients living in Colorado. The federal program has allowed undocumented people to take advantage of many opportunities — including being able to work and go to college. Luis Antezana is the founder and CEO of Juntos 2 College. The organization awards 10 grants a month to DACA recipients to pay for DACA renewals and legal services. He spoke with Yoselin Meza Miranda about his organization and 10 years of DACA.

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