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Colorado Edition: Front row seats to the Colorado River crisis, and the Colorado River Compact turns 100

river outlet works
Alex Hager
A set of four tubes known as the "river outlet works" could soon be the only way for water to make it through Glen Canyon Dam. Without a modification to those tubes, Lake Powell could have dropped low enough to cut off Page’s drinking water supply completely.

On this episode of Colorado Edition, we focus on water. We have two stories from our ongoing coverage of the Colorado River: Checking in with the people who have a front row seat to the crisis, and seeing if the Colorado River Compact is still working.

Front row seats to the Colorado River crisis: The Colorado River is drying up, and the communities that rely on it are already feeling the pinch.

While many large cities throughout the Southwest are well-positioned to weather the coming crisis, the threat of losing their water supply is no longer hypothetical in some small towns such as Page, Arizona.

The Colorado River Compact: The Colorado River’s foundational legal document turns 100 years old this month. The agreement among seven western states was groundbreaking for its time, but as KUNC’s Luke Runyon reports, it continues to contribute to the Southwest’s water crisis.

These stories are part of ongoing coverage of water in the West. It’s produced by KUNC and supported by the Walton Family Foundation.


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