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Colorado Edition: Questions about the Office of Gun Violence and Prevention, and the shrinking Ogallala Aquifer

Ruben Richardson drives his 16-row combine during harvest season in Yuma, Colorado
Rae Solomon
Ruben Richardson drives his 16-row combine during harvest season in Yuma, Colorado

On this episode of Colorado Edition, we look into the apparent standstill at the state’s new Office of Gun Violence and Prevention and how the Ogallala Aquifer drying up affects the future of farmers who depend on it.

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Slowdown at the Office of Gun Violence and Prevention: Some Colorado lawmakers are upset with the state’s new Office of Gun Violence Prevention. Legislators created the office almost two years ago in an effort to save lives by focusing on firearm safety and using the state’s new red flag law to take guns away from those flagged as dangerous.

KUNC reporter Scott Franz has found the office has done little of that work, leaving lawmakers with questions.

The Ogallala Aquifer drying up: The Ogallala Aquifer is a vast, underground water supply that lies beneath eight states, including parts of Eastern Colorado. Many farmers on the eastern plains depend on it as a reliable source of water to irrigate their crops — but the aquifer is drying up.

KUNC reporter Rae Solomon asked what that means for the future of agricultural communities in the area.

This story is part of the “America Amplified” initiative. America Amplified is a national public media collaboration focused on community engagement reporting.


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