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AP VIDEO: Franklin's Gold Helps Heal After Aurora Shooting


In the wake of the shootings at the Century 16 movie theater, swimmer Missy Franklin tweeted "I'm in total disbelief and shock."

Tweeting later that "Every second of every day is a gift" she put that in practice with a dramatic win in the 100 meter backstroke on Monday in London. As the Torch described the medal ceremony on Tuesday:

Franklin tried to sing, as "The Star Spangled Banner" played and the American flag rose above the pool — "and then I forgot the words, because I didn't know what I was doing," she recalled, smiling and laughing and bouncing with every word. "Just seeing that flag being raised — all the things that I've gone through passed through my mind. The early morning wakeups. The practices... All the meets. Just all the things leading up to that moment. And it was so incredibly worth it."

As the community starts to heal after funerals and now that court proceedings have started, Missy Franklin's achievement is another rallying point for Aurora.

You can find additional Olympics coverage from NPR & KUNC via the Torch. Coverage of the Aurora Theater Shootings is collected here.

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