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Letters From London: August 6th

Stephen Kasica Via Instagram

Freshly graduated and shipped off to London; Stephen Kasica is on assignment in London for the Olympics. He sent us this missive:

Dear Colorado,

Tonight, Shalaya Kipp, the rest of her family and I were not in the stadium to watch Emma Coburn run in the steeplechase final. We were miles away in a park.

Peter Burgess
Flickr - Creative Commons
A bigscreen setup in Hyde Park showing the Archery competition on July 28th.

London set up several live venues in the city to watch the Games on movie-theater size screens. In the middle of a park, this venue had probably three or four screens showing women’s boxing, soccer and athletics—and a hoard of rain-jacket clad spectators illuminated by high-powered stage lights, which warmed us up a bit.

After watching the prelims alone from my seat in the stadium two days ago, I really preferred tonight's experience. We met a Spaniard steeplechase fan, who was dumb-stuck when he learned Shalaya had actually raced in the prelims. There was a wacky camraderie shared between those of us standing on soggy woodchips in the rain.

Now that I've seen it all firsthand, I do not think it gets much better than how you’re watching it: probably on the couch with family and friends. 

It makes all the difference in the world when you have other people too cheer with you.

Besides, most of the ticket holders can’t make out anything other than the two Jumbotrons at the stadium ends.

On the other side of your screen,

Stephen Kasica

Stephen, a Boulder resident and University of Colorado journalism grad, is in London supporting his girlfriend, Shalaya Kipp, at the Olympic Games. Follow his trip through the 2012 London Olympics on Twitter: @stephenkasica

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