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Sharon Van Etten

  • Check out and get your hands on the lead single from Sharon Van Etten's forthcoming release Are We…
  • We're still in the final stages of making our list, but we agree enough on a few albums to share this preview of NPR Music's favorite albums of the year. Audie Cornish talks to Frannie Kelley, Stephen Thompson and Tom Huizenga.
  • Hear the confessional folk-rock singer and rapidly rising star perform her songs in the studio.
  • Van Etten's new album, Tramp, is titled after the touring artist's time of essential homelessness. It's full of unresolved restlessness, infinite-loop longing and expansive vocals.
  • The folk singer-songwriter's music can render a crowd breathless. She presents us with a refreshing sense of purity, pushing her to the forefront of contemporary artists. Her new album, Epic, is beaming with learned experiences and growth. Hear her perform songs from the album live.
  • The music and voice of singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten are engineered to turn each listener into a weepy, vulnerable heap. In this lovely performance at the NPR Music offices, Van Etten plays a beguiling set of songs from her latest album, Epic.