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Veterans Day

  • Health
    Deep breathing, gentle stretches, mindfulness — not necessarily the first things you might think about when it comes to war veterans. But this Veterans Day, we wanted to learn more about a practice called “trauma-informed yoga.” It’s a type of yoga developed specifically for people with PTSD and complex trauma, and it can help veterans cope with emotional, cognitive and physical injuries that are common in the veteran community.
  • Community
    Ben and Leticia Ward’s farm in Fountain, Colorado, just outside Colorado Springs, doesn’t look like an army base. But it’s not hard to uncover whiffs of…
  • Health
    More than a million students enrolled in campuses across the country are veterans. Many of them served in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Some saw horrific…
  • Millions have watched as Jim Wolf is transformed. The scruffy vet becomes a stylish looking guy. The video's producer says he wants people to view the homeless differently.
  • Anthony Villarreal and his wife, Jessica, had to rebuild their lives after an explosion almost killed Anthony in Afghanistan. "I didn't even recognize myself," Anthony says, though his new wife was determined to be there for him throughout the painful process.
  • Two authors and former members of the U.S. military tell their stories. Benjamin Busch remembers his grandfather's silence about serving in World War II, while David Abrams reflects on the terrifying beginning of his deployment to Iraq.
  • As the nation honors its veterans, the time is right to reread a poem that helps mark their sacrifices. Written in 1915 by a Canadian military doctor, it inspired the use of poppies as a symbol of respect for those who have served.
  • Veterans Day — originally Armistice Day — was renamed in 1954 to include veterans who had fought in all wars. But the day of remembrance has its roots in World War I — Nov. 11, 1918 was the day the guns fell silent at the end of the Great War.
  • Arts & Life
    On this edition of Peace Talks Radio, stories about former enemies in war, reconciling between each other to achieve peace within themselves and, they…
  • When peace was declared at the end of World War II, Army veteran Harold Van Heuvelen did something different than his troop mates — he wrote a symphony. This week he traveled to Virginia to hear it performed for the first time.