Affordable Housing

Parked: Aurora Struggles To Help Renters In Mobile Home Parks

Sep 17, 2019
Berkeley Village Mobile Home Park
Philip B. Poston / Sentinel Colorado

More than a year ago, Aurora was blazing trails in how to handle the battle between mobile home park owners and helpless renters.

Now, Aurora lawmakers, like so many across the state, are struggling again with whether and how to preserve the dwindling stock of affordable housing.


It’s expensive to live in Fort Collins, and part of the reason could be a city housing ordinance referred to as “you-plus-two.”

The policy limits home occupancy to no more than three unrelated people per household in Fort Collins.

Our region is home to some of the hottest housing markets in the country but that trend may slowing down. 

Matt Bloom/KUNC

When Nancy and Steven Innis built their new home in Greeley, they equipped it with the latest in water conservation tech.

The automatic kitchen faucet shuts off with the wave of a hand. A drip irrigation system keeps yard plants hydrated without the wasteful runoff. Hi-tech toilets save water with different settings for big and small flushes.

What do you get when three ranchers, a school teacher, a real estate agent, and one community development coordinator walk into a bank? In Guernsey, Wyoming—a possible solution to the affordable housing problem that’s plaguing many parts of the nation, including the Mountain West.

Jason Melancon/Edgelight Photo Courtesy of Artspace

Officials with the national nonprofit Artspace say there is a substantial need for affordable housing and studio space for Fort Collins artists.

But what the next step is -- that’s unknown.

Is Fort Collins In A Housing Bubble?

Jun 7, 2017
Jim Hill / KUNC

Northern Colorado real estate is still hot. Single family homes in Fort Collins, Loveland and Berthoud priced under $400,000 sell after an average of 18 days on the market — and sellers are getting slightly above asking price.

In Fort Collins, a starter home — one that has a mortgage comparable to area rent, is now between $300,000 and $400,000 — increasingly out of reach for many first-time buyers.  

But this isn’t a housing bubble.

Ann Marie Awad / KUNC

Trust an architect to hop on board a flat bed trailer and paint a vivid picture of a sustainable -- if not snug -- future house.

Standing atop the donated trailer behind Glenwood Springs High School, Steve Eaton points out where there will be a grilling station, french doors and a loft bedroom -- all to be built by his students this fall.

Andre Deak / Flickr - Creative Commons

Colorado is becoming more diverse -- but children of color aren’t on equal footing with their white peers, according to the 2017 Kids Count report. The annual report by the Colorado Children’s Campaign and the Annie E. Casey Foundation focused on the state’s growing minority populations, which are expected to make up almost half of Colorado’s population by 2050.

“When you really drill down and look at the data, we see some pretty big gaps, and those gaps too often fall along racial and ethnic lines as a result of policies and practices that over the years have disproportionately limited opportunities for Colorado’s kids of color ” said Sarah Hughes, research director with the Colorado Children’s Campaign.

Stacy Nick / KUNC

Most apartment dwellers wouldn’t be too keen on getting a front row seat to a neighbor’s band practice. But at the Loveland ArtSpace, musician Derek Kirkman’s playing is welcome.

“Luckily the amazing neighbors we have here, most of them actually really like music and like when music is being played in the building,” Kirkman said during one of ArtSpace’s weekly open studio sessions.