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At a time when all eyes are on Colorado to see if marijuana regulation actually works, Lewis Koski is taking the reins at the Colorado Division of Marijuana Enforcement.

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While it may seem that traffic congestion across Colorado is getting worse, a report released Wednesday by the Colorado Public Interest Research Group (CoPIRG) says across the state’s largest urban areas; residents actually reduced their driving miles, decreased commutes by car, and increased their use of public transport and bicycles.

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Feel like a nice cool glass of ice water? Before you take a sip, you might want to take a quick tour of your home. How’s the fill valve in your toilet? Do you have a vacuum breaker on your outside spigots? What about your boiler?

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What's more than 10 feet tall, has the body of a woman, a cat tail and a soft round head? That would be 'Pussy Marshmallow,' the towering creation of artist Pamela Joseph. The imposing cat woman is part of her latest exhibit, “Sideshow of the Absurd.”

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Are wildfires getting more severe or are more Coloradans moving into fire prone areas? Seen from space, development in the wildland urban interface near Colorado Springs has grown significantly.

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Last spring, the Colorado Springs Gazette investigated the connection between war wounds, military misconduct and other-than-honorable or bad conduct discharges. Now Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet wants to officially study the topic.

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High speed rail along the Front Range has long been a pipe dream in Colorado. It’s a dream taking a baby step forward though as the Colorado Department of Transportation held the first of four public meetings Monday on a continuing study exploring the feasibility and public support for a line from Fort Collins south via Denver International Airport to Pueblo.

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The government shutdown is taking a toll on all 50 states – but some have it worse than others. A new report that ranks states by impact places Colorado near the top of the list.

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As the partial government shutdown enters its second week, Colorado’s economy is starting to feel the loss of federal wages. 

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