Colorado Springs

Stephanie Cochran / Arts District

What's more than 10 feet tall, has the body of a woman, a cat tail and a soft round head? That would be 'Pussy Marshmallow,' the towering creation of artist Pamela Joseph. The imposing cat woman is part of her latest exhibit, “Sideshow of the Absurd.”

Jesse Allen and Robert Simmon, Caption by Adam Voiland / NASA Earth Observatory

Are wildfires getting more severe or are more Coloradans moving into fire prone areas? Seen from space, development in the wildland urban interface near Colorado Springs has grown significantly.

Colorado Springs Gazette

Last spring, the Colorado Springs Gazette investigated the connection between war wounds, military misconduct and other-than-honorable or bad conduct discharges. Now Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet wants to officially study the topic.

Patrick Janicek / Flickr-Creative Commons

High speed rail along the Front Range has long been a pipe dream in Colorado. It’s a dream taking a baby step forward though as the Colorado Department of Transportation held the first of four public meetings Monday on a continuing study exploring the feasibility and public support for a line from Fort Collins south via Denver International Airport to Pueblo.

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The government shutdown is taking a toll on all 50 states – but some have it worse than others. A new report that ranks states by impact places Colorado near the top of the list.

Paul Sableman / Creative Commons/Flickr

As the partial government shutdown enters its second week, Colorado’s economy is starting to feel the loss of federal wages. 

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Black Forest Fire At 45 Percent Containment

Jun 15, 2013
El Paso County

The tone of Saturday's news conference turned from giving initial numbers of structures burned to addressing the concerns of the evacuees.

Firefighters near Colorado Springs say that a surprise rainstorm and cooler weather have rallied their efforts to push back devastating wildfires that have destroyed at least 473 homes in recent days. Two people have been killed.

Authorities say that some evacuations of residents in the Black Forest, Colo., area have been lifted and that the largest of the fires is about one-third contained.

On Friday, several thousand people were allowed back into their homes, but an estimated 30,000 are still being told to stay away.

While firefighters are holding the line, the Black Forest fire northeast of Colorado Springs is being called the most destructive in Colorado history.

Update At 7:35 p.m. ET. Progress Reported

The fire is now 30 percent contained, officials say.

"We had a real good day without wind," says federal incident commander Rich Harvey. "I think the rain had a tremendous impact. So, some things finally turned in our favor."