Denver International Airport (DIA)

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A small group of baggage handlers and wheelchair assistants at Denver International Airport have walked off the job to protest what they call unsafe working conditions.

About 20 employees of Illinois-based Prospect Airport Services say managers haven't responded to their complaints.

Denver International Airport

A new report says the ongoing renovation project at Denver International Airport could be delayed up to 10 months after tests show weaker-than-expected concrete in the main floor of the airport's terminal.

The Denver Post reports that airport spokeswoman Stacey Stegman says the extent of the delay — and the severity of the problems — won't be known until at least April.

Denver International Airport
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More Americans are being impacted by what is now the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. This week, the already stressful world of air travel is feeling the pinch as Transportation Security Administration workers call in sick.

But for now, things are still operating smoothly at Denver International Airport.

DIA spokeswoman Emily Williams said the average wait time at security checkpoints averaged about 10 minutes on Sunday.

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The new year brings with it yet another increase to Colorado's minimum wage. As of Jan. 1, the new wage will be $11.10 for non-tipped workers, $8.08 for tipped.

It's the latest rise triggered by Amendment 70, a constitutional amendment passed in 2016. The measure incrementally increases the minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2020.

Denver International Airport

A campaign is underway At Denver International Airport to raise the minimum wage for thousands of workers.

Some of those workers, including kitchen staff, baggage handlers and waiters, stood outside terminal doors Tuesday afternoon passing out flyers to passengers.

Marie Jacob works for United Airlines and was among them. Wages at DIA haven’t kept up with the state’s rising cost of living, she said.

Transportation Security Administration

Last year Transportation Officials found 118 firearms in carry-on bags at Denver International Airport security checkpoints. 102 of them were loaded—including one that was in the handbag of a Colorado lawmaker.

KUNC reported Republican state Rep. Lori Saine was arrested in December after she forgot about a loaded handgun in her bag.

TSA spokesperson Carrie Harmon says they hear that a lot. She says it’s unfortunate because it can cause delays, alarm among travelers and it can be costly for the person who forgot they had a gun.

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Travelers will soon be able to board a train from Denver’s Union Station to Denver International Airport. The route will be fast, cheap and -- Mayor Michael Hancock hopes -- the first piece of the aerotropolis puzzle.

The plan is to parcel out more than 9,000 acres of land surrounding the airport to companies specializing in tech, agriculture, aerospace and more. Hancock promises the plan will herald new jobs and innovation, and will make the Denver area more competitive worldwide. But the first step is getting people there. That’s where the Regional Transportation District’s new University of Colorado A-Line commuter train comes in.

Application Another Step Forward For Colorado Spaceport

Dec 23, 2014
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Commercial space flight may be coming to Colorado as soon as 2016. Front Range Airport, just southeast of Denver International Airport will soon complete a spaceport application. From there, the Federal Aviation Administration will have six months to evaluate it, and make the final decision.

Regional Transportation District

The East Commuter Rail Line between Denver's Union Station and the Denver International Airport remains on schedule to open in 2016. The first four commuter cars that will travel the line have arrived in Colorado and are parked at Union Station in preparation for public tours.

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If you feel like you’ve dodged more than your share of hail and giant, plunking raindrops over the past few weeks, you probably have.