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Artist Lauri Lynnxe Murphy has tried her hand at a lot of mediums.

“I’m a sculptor. I used to be a painter,” Murphy said from her Denver studio. “I’m also what’s called a bio-artist, which means I work with systems in nature to try to produce artworks, which is where the snails come in.”

Yes, snails. Those slimy garden pests are Murphy’s paint brush, of sorts. Or more accurately, her collaborators.

Courtesy of Denver Museum of Nature & Science

It started out as just an ordinary Friday for construction inspector Dan Wagner, who was working on the City of Thornton’s new public safety building.

“I just started kicking around the dirt underneath my feet, and I found another couple fragments of it,” Wagner said. “And then I dusted off the area, and found a -- kind of a plate bone -- ended up being what was the horn.”

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Every year at Denver’s annual Comic Con, there are a lot of caped crusaders and fantastical sci-fi characters running around the Colorado Convention Center. But what happens when Spider-Man’s tights get a rip in them? Or Harry Potter’s glasses break?

That’s where Alex Freese steps in.

Instead of dressing up as Wonder Woman or Harley Quinn, Freese dons a camouflage Army jacket with her title, “Cosplay Medic,” emblazoned on the sleeve.

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Denver officials have proposed a first-of-its-kind program to address dangerous code violations in artist DIY spaces and allow owners and tenants to stay while those issues are being addressed.

The Safe Occupancy Program recognizes that with the cost of real estate in Denver skyrocketing, many artists are being priced out of live/work spaces and looking to unpermitted -- and potentially dangerous -- locations as an alternative, said Brad Buchanan, Executive Director of Denver’s Department of Community Planning and Development.

“We believe this will -- we hope -- open up a lot of opportunities to individuals who don’t think they have a choice,” Buchanan said.

Tom Tomkinson / Outside Lands Festival

You may not know the name Superfly. But you probably know at least one of the music festivals they’ve started. They’re behind Nashville, Tennessee’s Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival and San Francisco’s Outside Lands Festival.

For the last three years, Superfly has had its eye and ear on Colorado for its next project.

“Denver is one of the best music markets -- if not the best -- in the entire country,” said Superfly co-founder Rick Farman. “Pound for pound, I think it’s arguably the best and on par with New York and LA, San Francisco and Chicago.”

How Is Colorado’s Oil And Gas Industry Regulated?

Apr 20, 2017
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Looking out the windows of Matt Lepore’s eighth floor corner office in downtown Denver, you see high-rise office buildings and the Rocky Mountains. What you don’t see are any signs of the state’s multibillion-dollar oil and gas industry.

But Lepore said he’s reminded of how contentious oil and gas is to Coloradans every day.

“There are people who think that we are indifferent to them, their concerns, their health, and nothing could be further from the truth,” he said. “And if they would spend a day with my field inspectors and with my environmental people, they would understand that we care.”

Courtesy of The Lyric

While its new venue is under construction, Fort Collins movie theater The Lyric is taking up temporary residence at an unlikely place: The Masonic Temple.

“I’ve never done anything normal in my life,” joked owner Ben Moser about the theater’s unusual home for the next six months. “So this is just another thing. I think people are pretty used to it by now.”

As the price of retail space in Colorado continues to climb, more artists are popping up in non-traditional spaces to perform and sell their work -- including storefronts, bars and even the home of the Freemasons.

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As Kate Moomaw walks amongst the rows of paintings and sculptures in the Denver Art Museum’s collection storage room, you can see that great care has been taken to preserve the works.

According to Kate Moomaw, DAM’s conservationist, there are a lot of tools of the trade: acid-free tissue paper, climate-controlled rooms, eBay.

“Yes, eBay,” Moomaw said.

Stephanie Paige Ogburn / KUNC

Boulder County will resume issuing oil and gas drilling permits May 1, 2017, after a series of moratoriums halted the practice in 2012. Denver- based energy company Crestone Peak Resources has filed the first application in five years to drill within unincorporated parts of the county. The company is the fifth largest producer in the Denver-Julesburg basin – an oil and gas-rich formation situated under much of Northeastern Colorado and portions of Boulder County.

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El-Mekki Idris brought a tray to our table with two fragrant dishes on it. “This is koushouri, and the other one is fool sandwich,” he explains.

Koushouri is a popular rice, pasta and lentil dish from North Africa. It’s topped with tomato sauce and fried onions. Fool, another popular regional dish, consists of mashed fava beans and spices. At Sudan Cafe, Idris serves it as a sandwich on a soft, home-baked roll.