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Following Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech at the final night of the DNC, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made a stop in Colorado Springs to try and gain momentum in a swing state that has so far provided lukewarm support.

"There is no reason we shouldn't win this state, heavy military and tremendous respect for law and order," Trump said. "We want law and order, we want a great military, we want our vets to be so happy."

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While the Fourth of July weekend will hold no shortage of opportunities for fireworks, if you’re looking to assert your independence from the same old thing, here are a few options.

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Blind since birth, there’s nothing worse for 8-year-old Chloe Poston than being at a museum where all the signs say ‘Do Not Touch.’

A curious child, Poston asks lots of questions and wants to be a doctor someday. The best way for her to learn is hands on -- an opportunity the Denver Art Museum recently gave her. The Lakewood third-grader got to walk right past those ‘Do not touch’ signs and actually handle some of the art. Well, sort of.

Marijuana is legal in Colorado — as long as you're 21 or older. It's still illegal for kids to possess, so juveniles are coming to dominate the marijuana arrests in Colorado. But another startling trend also has developed: Arrest rates have risen dramatically for young blacks and Latinos.

Ricky Montoya isn't surprised that's happening. He's standing outside Courtroom 4F in Denver's City and County Building, where he was just ordered to pay a $1,000 fine for his third marijuana possession offense.

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Sometimes you want your music live, loud and local. Sometimes you want a Latin spectacle that merges Spinal Tap with Lucha Libre. This weekend - you can have both.

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Sher Mizer fled his native Bhutan in 1990, when he was just 13. Mizer is an ethnic Nepali - known in Bhutan as Lhotshampa - a group whose citizenship was stripped by the government. Now 37 and about to swear an oath of U.S. citizenship in Denver, Colorado, it will mark the first time he’s held citizenship in any country since he was a boy.

“‘One nation, one people,’ that was the slogan used by Bhutan,” Mizer says. “It means that the government wanted to bring the people of Bhutan under one nation, one culture, one script, one language.”

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By night, Moriah Hummer dukes it out on the roller derby track as “The Original Skankster.” By day, she’s behind the comic book, Flat Track Furies, about a roller derby team that fights monsters.

Like her characters, the Unblinkable Molly Brown and Dora the Destroyer, the Fort Collins artist is tough, but some of the ugliest battles she sees are off the page. Sexism, racism, and homophobia are the new villains of the comic world -- but things are changing.

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This weekend will be a (BANG!) (ZOOM!) (POW!) good time as Denver Comic Con rolls into town.

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Magician Nate Staniforth doesn’t put on the typical magic act.

Forget about blaring rock music, flashy costumes and fancy pyrotechnics. The host of Discovery Channel’s Breaking Magic prefers his shows to be less about what’s happening on stage and more about what’s happening in the audience.

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Music festival season is officially here and there is no end to the options - whether you like blues, bluegrass or a bite to eat with your bands.

Just beware flying loaves of bread…