Glenwood Canyon

White River National Forest

One Colorado landmark is so popular that fistfights break out in the parking lot and traffic can back up onto I-70 in Glenwood Canyon.

All to make the mile and half trek to Hanging Lake.

Visitation to the iconic lake has doubled in the last five years and visitors frequently flout the rules. They traipse off platforms and into the lake's fragile ecosystem and leave behind trash, graffiti and even human waste. For years some Forest Service officials have said visitation to the area needs to be curtailed to save it from being overrun. A new plan out Tuesday aims to do just that.

White River National Forest

An activewear company will be supporting a public outreach campaign after paying over $300 in fines for breaking the rules at Hanging Lake in Western Colorado.

Is Social Media Spoiling Colorado's Hanging Lake?

Aug 25, 2016
White River National Forest

Clear mountain water cascades into a greenish blue lake, with pines dangling over the edge. Even for Colorado, it’s unique. Hanging Lake is described as a jewel in the White River National Forest.  For many years, it was an unspoken secret that only Coloradans knew.

But there’s a problem. The secret is out.

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You’ve most likely driven through the Hanging Lake Tunnel on Interstate 70 near Glenwood Springs. You’ve probably never noticed a giant hanger door or at least paid it no mind. Just behind that door sits a full-time fire and rescue department and one of the most technologically advanced traffic command centers in the state.

There’s a lot of action going on in the 4,000 foot tunnel situated next to the Colorado River, much of it you’d never get a chance to see – until now that is.

U.S. Forest Service photo / U.S. Dept of Agriculture

Sunday marks 20 years since 14 firefighters died on Storm King Mountain in western Colorado. A public commemoration will take place that afternoon in Glenwood Springs at Two Rivers Park, the site of a memorial.

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A complex series of agreements govern the distribution of water throughout the state. Along the Colorado River, farms, cities & towns, and the recreation industry are all big players. But everyone takes a backseat to a tiny hydroelectric plant that’s over 100 years old.

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This is going to either bring back your own memories or set you to furious work on that summer bucket list. As the days shorten, this video captures a lot of the grandeur and fun you'll find in Colorado's mountains.

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Sunday marks the 20th anniversary of I-70 through Colorado’s Glenwood Canyon. That stretch of interstate often referred to as a “modern engineering marvel” took 13 years and nearly $500 million to construct.

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Cell phones are everywhere but cell service is another story especially on the road. Whatever one thinks about driving and cell phone use, there is no service along a 12 mile stretch of I-70 in the Glenwood Canyon.