High Park Fire

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Neighborly disputes are nothing new. There’s the dog next door that poops on your lawn. The house that throws loud backyard parties. The guy down the block who always plows through the stop sign.

But in Colorado, the introduction of legal, home-grown marijuana has elevated tension among neighbors to a whole new level.

Because of gaps in the state constitutional amendments that legalized cultivation of the drug for recreational and medical purposes -- and in the ensuing rules that sought to regulate it further -- some rural pockets in Colorado are seeing large-scale cooperative marijuana grow operations sprout up with little oversight.

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Arizona's Yarnell Hill fire claimed the lives of 19 firefighters. Colorado's Waldo Canyon, Black Forest, and High Park fires were some of the costliest ever in terms of homes and property lost.

A better wildfire weather prediction system might have saved more lives and property. The state of Colorado thinks so, and has agreed to beta test a new system pioneered by the Boulder-based National Center for Atmospheric Research, starting late in the 2016 fire season.

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When the High Park Fire ripped through Northern Colorado more than two years ago, it changed the area’s landscape and community forever. A Fort Collins museum is developing a new interactive museum exhibit looking at those changes.

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Colorado’s wildfire season has been quiet so far, only 3,400 acres have burned across the state. That’s a far cry from the well over 100,000 acres blackened by July 2013.

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Despite Colorado’s higher than average snowpack, there’s no guarantee it will reduce the risk of wildfires in 2014. That’s why state, federal and military personal are taking the lessons learned during the severe 2012 and 2013 fire seasons to be better prepared.

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Colorado wildfires are becoming increasingly costly and destructive. Since 2002, wildfires have destroyed roughly 2,000 structures according to federal fire data. In response to this growing risk, Colorado State University is launching a new center focused on creating wildfire management solutions “for the next generation.”

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Despite September’s historic rains and flooding in Northern Colorado the restoration work continues in the watersheds heavily damaged by 2012’s High Park Fire.

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In an effort to reduce future road closures and maintenance emergencies in the Poudre Canyon, The Colorado Department of Transportation is replacing or expanding six culverts in the area.


Non-federally owned hillsides in Poudre and Rist Canyons will be among the first mitigation projects to start August 18th.

New CDOT Project To Prevent Mudslides In Poudre Canyon

Jul 27, 2013

The $2.35 million project will replace culverts along Highway 14.