holiday tips

The holidays often mean Christmas hams, mulled wine and potato latkes. But in the Mountain West, our food occasionally comes from the forest and not the grocery store. Tom Healy is a hunter living in the small town of Wisdom, Montana. This holiday season, he tried a gamey twist on traditional, eastern European cabbage rolls, called halupkis. Check out his recipe below. 

Martin Carcasson

Following the presidential election, many people found Thanksgiving dinner-table conversations heated. With Christmas and Inauguration Day coming up, those heated conversations are bound to start anew. 

Why do we find ourselves at odds with the ones we love over big issues? According to Colorado State University professor of communication studies, Martin Carcasson, it has to do with how our brains are wired. 

Here are five science-backed tips from Carcasson to help you navigate the holidays in a non-confrontational manner: