Scott Franz / Capitol Coverage

The midterm elections ended almost a month ago, but campaign season isn't over in Denver.

Last month, a small group of homelessness advocates gathered in Civic Center Park to launch a campaign to overturn the city's urban camping ban.

The law passed six years ago and makes it illegal for anyone set up camp and sleep in public spaces. It also prevents someone from taking shelter with a blanket or sleeping bag in city parks.

Michael de Yoanna / KUNC

The Squad 1 crew makes their way to their truck at a downtown Greeley fire station. They're walking, not running, and once their truck is on the road, there are no flashing lights.

"We hardly ever use the siren," says driver Darren Conradson.

This is the Greeley Fire Department's solution to a vexing problem: 911 calls that simply aren't emergencies.