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Northern Colorado's home and condo prices are not ticking up quite as fast as they were earlier in 2015. But the lull is typical heading into winter, say real estate experts.

If you look year over year, the median single family home price of $304,000 for the Northeast Region, which covers Boulder, Larimer, Logan, Morgan and Weld counties, is still nearly 15 percent higher than the $265,000 it was at this time in 2014.

Prices for townhomes and condos market are also staying up. With a median price of $225,000 in the Northeast Region, the prices for these units are 19 percent higher versus the same time in 2014.

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Boulder has a housing affordability problem. Ideas on how to fix that problem, though, vary widely across the community. At recent meetings touching on occupancy limits, linkage fees and other topics, city council members have heard from vastly disparate perspectives.

City of Greeley

With crude at about $40 a barrel and no oil price recovery in sight, one might expect that Greeley, the town at the center of Colorado’s oil boom, would be seeing a bit of an economic slowdown.

So far, that does not seem to be the case. At least where the housing market is concerned.

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Leasing an apartment or home has never been an easy process, but imagine navigating a househunt with limited English skills. Every showing requires a translator, or really, anytime you have to communicate with a landlord; for example, when something breaks.

Miscommunications are easy, which is one reason why One Morgan County, a nonprofit in Fort Morgan, Colorado, hosted a meeting to help untangle the rights and responsibilities of tenants.

“There’s issues on both sides of this,” says executive director Michaela Holdridge. “And we really figured this would be a good time to discuss this, and say ‘OK, what is your understanding of your rights as a tenant?’”

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Since June 2014, home prices in Northern Colorado rose more than they did in metro Denver, according to numbers released by the Colorado Association of Realtors.

Statewide, the median sales price for a home has increased 11.4 percent. In the region including Boulder, Broomfield, Larimer and Weld counties, prices have gone up 15.6 percent in that year-long span; in the metro Denver region, the increase was 13.7 percent.

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Many of the more than 3 million migrant farm workers that plant and pick the fruits and vegetables we eat in the U.S. live on the farms they work for. But the rules governing farmworker housing may be changing, worrying both farmers and migrant worker advocates.

For decades, farmworker housing standards have been governed by two government agencies, the Employment and Training Administration and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. A proposal from the Department of Labor seeks to eliminate the ETA standards in favor of the OSHA guidelines.

Switching to OSHA guidelines could be costly for farmers, who would be stuck with the bill for retrofitting housing to OSHA’s rules.

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Housing affordability comes down to more than just prices. Affordability is a mix of household income, home prices, and interest rates.

While steep increases in Colorado home prices have gotten a lot of attention lately, a study released from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, finds homes in Colorado are more affordable than they were prior to the recession.

Fort Collins Old Town Square Restoration

Fort Collins is no stranger to “best of” lists, with national recognition for everything from happiest residents to most entrepreneurial businesses to fittest citizens. The latest feather for the community’s cap comes from the Smithsonian, which dubbed the city a “Place of Invention.

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Rent prices in the Denver area are going up faster than rents in San Francisco. The situation isn't any better in Fort Collins and Greeley. Each community experienced double digit growth in rental prices in 2014, and the trend is not showing signs of slowing down.

But maybe your rent is affordable. Or you bought your house decades ago. So why should you care if your neighbor down the street is paying a ton for her crappy apartment?

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A measure to make it more difficult for condo owners to sue developers over defects from construction died during the state Legislature's final full week in session.

Beyond developer support, affordable housing advocates had thrown their weight behind the bill. They say that threats of litigation and high insurance premiums have led to a slowdown in condo construction and an associated crunch in more affordable condo units. The Denver Post quoted Denver Mayor Michael Hancock as saying "Construction defects are severely slowing the construction of for-sale, affordable housing."

While there is no doubt that the Front Range has a shortage of affordable housing, a change to the construction defects law may not have provided a fix.