Stephanie Daniel / KUNC

Lucille is 64 and has chronic back pain because of a genetic condition. She takes two extended release morphine tablets and three to four hydrocodone pills every day. Lucille, who asked us to use an alias to maintain her privacy, is prescribed a 30-day dose of each.

"My husband and I kayak, we snowshoe, we hike regularly, we walk," she said. "I can cook again. So, I have my life back."

Jackie Fortier / KUNC

Michelle Edwards is one of the owners of the Johnstown Lunch Box, a sandwich shop in one of the fastest growing towns on the Front Range. Despite a customer base that grows with each new housing development, Edwards was worried about what the 90 cent increase in the state minimum wage in January, 2017 would mean for her business -- but she has been pleasantly surprised.

“We’ve been fine. Customers were totally fine when we raised the cost of our sandwiches 25 cents,” she said. “It helped. Honestly, a little bit more would be good, but in a small town, you can only do so much. You gotta keep your prices low.”

The Architects' Studio Inc.

The city of Johnstown has given initial approval for what could be one of the largest indoor shooting ranges and retail spaces in Colorado.