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Tracking the coronavirus pandemic could soon be a bit easier because of one simple fact: everyone poops.

Around the world , wastewater plants have become unlikely sentinels in the fight against the virus, allowing scientists to track the disease's spread at the community level. The practice of testing sewage samples is spreading across Western U.S. states as well, with programs currently running in Utah, Nevada, Arizona and California.

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College student Naya O'Reilly understands why the University of Colorado Boulder canceled graduation due to COVID-19. But they said it was "horrible" to receive an email from the university detailing the decision.

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Destiny Martinez sits at a small table in the hallway of Murphy Creek, working on reading exercises with three second graders. The 23-year-old is a student teacher at the P-8 school in Aurora.

"I knew like teaching was always something that I wanted to do," Martinez said.

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The stereotype that Native American art consists of items dripping with beads and feathers and is stuck in the past is being challenged in Denver. The new exhibit Cross Currents showcases the continuous evolution of work created by contemporary Native American artists.

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As challenging logistics and history loom, Colorado's 51st State Initiative has moved another step forward with finalized wording of a ballot question.

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Governor Hickenlooper signed the Colorado ASSET bill into law Monday, surrounded by students and civic and government leaders.

Metro State University caused a furor among opponents and some lawmakers with the announcement of their new tuition policy for illegal immigrants this summer. Al Jazeera's John Terrett reports on the policy now that classes are back in session.

Metro State College of Denver

State lawmakers grilled Metro State College of Denver officials on its new tuition policy for illegal immigrants on Wednesday. Republicans on the joint budget committee are critical of the policy saying it goes against state law.

Metropolitan State College of Denver has become the first school in Colorado to create a new tuition category specifically for illegal immigrants who graduate from Colorado high schools.