Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

MCA Denver

The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver now offers visitors who are colorblind a way to see the whole picture. Through a partnership with the EnChroma Color Accessibility Program, the museum has four pairs of EnChroma glasses, which allow those with the deficiency to see colors more distinctly.

Jamie Laurie and Stephen Brackett

Despite his confident stage presence as a lead vocalist and MC for the nationally-known Denver hip-hop act Flobots, Stephen Brackett has a secret to admit.

"I hate singing in front of people," Brackett said. "I started as a rapper, so I was rapping with maybe a little bit of melody in it. But I was never comfortable with my voice."

Which is why even to this day, Brackett finds singing in public to be stressful. And he's not alone — lots of surveys show that people fear public speaking and singing more than dying.