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Sound Wave Events in Boise, Idaho, is usually busy with weddings and graduation parties this time of year. But with most gatherings now canceled, the business has pivoted to block parties.

"If you told me a month ago that we would be DJing out of the back of a truck I would not have believed you," said Sound Wave owner Kristin Cole.

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Starting a music business class in the most devastating time the music industry has ever seen might seem like strange timing. But Chuck Morris, former CEO of AEG Presents Rocky Mountains, says the business has always been a labor of love.

“When I’ve spoken at colleges, I try to convince them in the first five minutes not to go into the music business, because it’s so difficult,” Morris said. “And my speech has always been, I don’t care what you do - wash floors at KBCO, or answer the phones at (record store) Twist and Shout … Do anything - get your foot in the door.”

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As people around the country shelter in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, they are looking for new ways to connect with their communities.

In New York, they're cheering for healthcare workers. In Colorado, they're howling at the moon at 8 p.m. each night.

Some people respond to suffering by turning it into art. That's true even with the harrowing experience of a pandemic.

In the early 1400s, an Englishman named John Cooke composed Stella celi, a hymn to the Virgin Mary referencing the Black Plague which, according to some sources, wiped out half of Europe. Its text speaks of the "ulcers of a terrible death" but also the assurance that "the star of heaven ... has rooted out the plague."

The coronavirus pandemic has put an indefinite hold on live events, and musicians are among those losing out. So performers are turning to the internet as a virtual concert venue.

With the need for social distancing, most events are canceled for the foreseeable future and artists ranging from musicians to dancers are losing jobs. That has some looking for creative ways to make ends meet.

Every year, NPR's Stephen Thompson compiles The Austin 100 — a playlist of his favorite artist discoveries ahead of the SXSW Music Festival. Though this year's festival was canceled due to concerns about the coronavirus, The Austin 100 will still publish on Monday, the day the music performances were supposed to begin. NPR's Renee Montagne spoke to Stephen Thompson about a few of the artists featured in this year's roundup.

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Updated 2/17/2019 at 11:30 a.m.

Investigators with the Larimer County Sheriff's Office arrested Kevin Dean Eastman, of Greeley, on Feb. 16 in connection with the homicide of Scott Sessions.

Eastman was booked on allegations of first-degree murder and tampering with a deceased human body, along with an outstanding warrant from the Denver Police Department. No additional details are being released at this time.

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If you are scrambling for the perfect, last-minute gift, you’re in luck. This week KUNC’s Colorado Edition is sharing recommendations for gifts from Colorado.

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Greeley schools and youth programs received more than $25,000 in electric guitars, drums, keyboards and ukuleles this week.

The instruments were part of a donation from the Newport Festivals Foundation, which runs the Newport Folk and Jazz festivals. The program partnered up with Take Note Colorado, an initiative to give musical instruments and music education to every K-12 student in the state.