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Updated 2/17/2019 at 11:30 a.m.

Investigators with the Larimer County Sheriff's Office arrested Kevin Dean Eastman, of Greeley, on Feb. 16 in connection with the homicide of Scott Sessions.

Eastman was booked on allegations of first-degree murder and tampering with a deceased human body, along with an outstanding warrant from the Denver Police Department. No additional details are being released at this time.

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If you are scrambling for the perfect, last-minute gift, you’re in luck. This week KUNC’s Colorado Edition is sharing recommendations for gifts from Colorado.

Stacy Nick

Greeley schools and youth programs received more than $25,000 in electric guitars, drums, keyboards and ukuleles this week.

The instruments were part of a donation from the Newport Festivals Foundation, which runs the Newport Folk and Jazz festivals. The program partnered up with Take Note Colorado, an initiative to give musical instruments and music education to every K-12 student in the state.

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While a music student at Colorado State University, Mandy Harvey lost her hearing due to a degenerative connective tissue disorder. Devastated, she left school and took a break from music.

When she returned to the stage, Harvey found a new world that eventually led her to a finalist spot on the TV show "America's Got Talent." KUNC arts reporter Stacy Nick caught up with her on tour to find out what the last two years since "AGT" have been like.

On Thanksgiving, radio stations around the country will play Arlo Guthrie's 1967 "Alice's Restaurant." But why is this 18-minute song about littering and Vietnam considered a Thanksgiving song?   

KUNC's Colorado Edition put that question to Margot, music host from our sister station 105.5 The Colorado Sound.  

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On Sunday, as part of the Denver Film Festival, Denver-based band DeVotchKa will perform the music they've composed for the experimental Soviet film, Man With A Movie Camera. It's not the first film the band has scored. Others include Little Miss Sunshine, Crazy Stupid Love and Paddington

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Denver-based band Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats is expanding its brand beyond the stage. The band is launching a special edition cannabis collection under Willie’s Reserve, a cannabis brand owned by country legend Willie Nelson.

Jamie Laurie and Stephen Brackett

Despite his confident stage presence as a lead vocalist and MC for the nationally-known Denver hip-hop act Flobots, Stephen Brackett has a secret to admit.

"I hate singing in front of people," Brackett said. "I started as a rapper, so I was rapping with maybe a little bit of melody in it. But I was never comfortable with my voice."

Which is why even to this day, Brackett finds singing in public to be stressful. And he's not alone — lots of surveys show that people fear public speaking and singing more than dying.

Wendy Woo
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For almost 30 years, Wendy Woo's unique mix of folk, rock, and blues has made her a Colorado mainstay. Her name is ubiquitous with the music festival scene. She's made practically every Colorado "best of" list at least once. In 2010, then-Denver mayor John Hickenlooper performed her wedding ceremony. Oskar Blues Brewery even named a beer after her — Woo Woo Wheat.

This last year, she released her first solo album in almost 15 years and was the subject of the new documentary Unshaken: The Road to Woo.

James Brody and Brittany Bonner
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College athletes have coaches, trainers and physical therapists who place a lot of focus on keeping them physically fit and help them recover from injuries. At the University of Colorado - Boulder, there's a similar program for musicians.

"It's something that a lot of people in the general population don't really quite understand about musicians — that we do things that are athletic in nature," said James Brody, director of CU's Musicians' Wellness program.