NPR CEO Jarl Mohn has named Nancy Barnes, a veteran newspaper editor, as the network's permanent chief news executive, NPR announced Tuesday. Barnes fills a nearly yearlong vacancy that was triggered by the firing of Michael Oreskes, NPR's former news head, over allegations of sexual harassment.

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For the last five weeks, Jacqueline Van Meter and the rest of the StoryCorps MobileBooth Tour team have been parked in a converted Airstream trailer outside New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins.

“It is cozy,” Van Meter noted of their office. “That’s kind of the idea. Dim lighting, blankets -- just in case. The goal is really so that, despite what folks have been dealing with out in their day, in the parking lot, on the highway getting here -- once they step in here they can just kind of disconnect and focus on each other.”

Robert Siegel behind the microphone at NPR's studios in Washington, D.C.
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Longtime NPR host Robert Siegel is retiring after 30 years as a co-host of All Things Considered.

During his wide-ranging career, Siegel has covered some of the most historic events in modern U.S. history, including the fall of the Berlin Wall and the terrorist attacks of 9/11. One of his many reporting projects brought him to Greeley, Colorado in 2003, where he delved into the fascinating story of Sayyid Qutb, an Egyptian writer who lived in the city in 1949. Qutb’s writings would later form the theoretical basis for many of the radical Islamic groups of today, including al Qaeda.

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In the West, the old saying goes "Whiskey is for drinking; water is for fighting" -- which is a fancy way of saying water is highly valued. Water is vital for agriculture, recreation, growing cities and, of course, it’s the main ingredient in craft beer.

It’s no surprise, then, that we talk about water a lot in Colorado. NPR Weekend All Things Considered host Michel Martin will open a dialogue at a live event on The Future of Water, May 24, 2016. Ahead of her visit to Fort Collins, Martin shared some of what she hopes the conversation on water will accomplish.

I am so proud and pleased that NPR’s Going There series, hosted by Michel Martin, is coming to Northern Colorado to have a conversation May 24 at Colorado State University's Lory Student Center in Fort Collins. KUNC, along with NPR Presents, will be hosting an evening that revolves around one of the most important issues to our community, "The Future of Water."

This week, the latest installment in the Star Wars film saga is posting record numbers around the world. In 1981, NPR hoped the interstellar fable would do the same for its audience numbers. That's right: Some of you may have forgotten (and some might not even know) that the network created three radio dramas based on George Lucas' original three movies.

Changes in public radio have been in the headlines. Garrison Keillor told a newspaper in Massachusetts he would be retiring within the next year. That was followed by the announcement that after more than 12 years of anchoring All Things Considered, Melissa Block will be leaving that seat to become a Special Correspondent for NPR.

One of the most significant stories of 2014 has been the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Thousands have died. The economies of the affected countries have been greatly disrupted. The fear the epidemic has engendered is a story in and of itself.

It is a story that is being approached very differently by a variety of U.S. news organizations.

Tom Magliozzi, one of public radio's most popular personalities, died on Monday of complications from Alzheimer's disease. He was 77 years old.

Tom and his brother, Ray, became famous as "Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers" on the weekly NPR show Car Talk. They bantered, told jokes, laughed and sometimes even gave pretty good advice to listeners who called in with their car troubles.

If there was one thing that defined Tom Magliozzi, it was his laugh. It was loud, it was constant, it was infectious.

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