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Pencak silat is a non-aggressive martial art that descends from the Indonesian and Malaysian islands. There are hundreds of different forms of silat, which employs natural body movements and develops balance and economy of movement in each individual.

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Denver voters have resoundingly approved a ballot measure requiring the city to seek their consent before spending public funds on any future Olympics bid.

Colorado Politics reports that 79% of voters OK'd the measure, according to unofficial results from Tuesday's municipal election.

The U.S. Olympic Committee could decide this week which Mountain West city could host the 2030 Winter Games. But both cities have a complicated history when it comes to the Olympics.

Salt Lake City and Denver are the last two American cities vying for the 2030 Winter Olympic Games.

A class action lawsuit is alleging the U.S. Olympic Committee headquartered in Colorado Springs tolerated sexual abuse, exploitation and forced labor. 

The U.S. Olympic Committee is not specifically named as a defendant in the suit, but that could change as the suit moves forward. 

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The recommendation of Denver's Olympics Exploratory Committee is in: Denver and Colorado should pursue a Winter Olympics.

The committee's green light is the first step to paving the way for the games to come to the state in the years ahead. But it's not without caveats.

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Denver's Olympics Exploratory Committee is wrestling with a couple of expensive questions.

"There's five different subcommittees working to put information together and answering, really, two questions: Not only could we host a Winter Olympic games in the future, but should we?" said Ramonna Robinson, a spokeswoman for the exploratory committee. "Is it the right thing for Colorado?"

If the answer to those questions is yes, then comes the next one: How can they raise the $2 billion necessary to host the games without pinching taxpayers?

Olympic fans, prepare to watch hookers in a scrum who hope not to end up in the sin bin.

The lexicon of rugby, and the men's game itself, return to Olympic competition after a 92-year absence. The return in Rio also involves a couple of debuts: It's the first Olympic appearance for women in the sport, and a first for Rugby Sevens. It's a seven-on-seven game. Traditional rugby has 13 or 15 a side.

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Frodo, Larimer County’s newest refugee, is nervously pacing the fence line of the Larimer Humane Society’s play yard. The society’s behaviorist, Kate Gloeckner, points out that the white jindo mix is still pretty unsure of his new surroundings.

“This dog in particular was probably our most fearful dog that we saw come into the shelter,” Gloeckner said. “We think that he’s a little bit older than the rest of the dogs, so our suspicion is that he was probably in those enclosures a little bit longer.”

What she is referring to is the 3-by-5 cage that, until about two weeks and more than 6,000 miles ago, had been Frodo’s home. Before you hear about Frodo’s new life in Colorado, you need to know about his old life in South Korea.

In an interview airing Friday on ABC, Bruce Jenner is expected to announce that he is transgender, though he has made no such acknowledgment.

As the public awaits his presumed revelations, Jenner is still invariably and glibly identified by his paternal connection to the Kardashian clan. It's presented almost anecdotally that he won the gold medal for the Olympic decathlon — the 10-event classic of track and field athleticism — in 1976. But back then, he was a glorified champion and called "the world's greatest athlete."