Racial Bias

Boulder Municipal Building
Ken Lund / CC BY-SA 2.0

The city of Boulder is grappling with how to move forward after a March 1 police confrontation with a black college student sparked outrage. A video of police confronting Naropa University student Zayd Atkinson — who was picking up garbage in his front yard — went viral.

In response, the city was going to have former Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett investigate the incident, but scrapped that plan after Atkinson and others called for a citizen oversight board instead.

The U.S. Supreme Court signaled strongly on Wednesday that it is likely to rule for a death row inmate in Mississippi who was prosecuted six times for the same crime by a prosecutor with a history of racial bias in jury selection.

The arguments, more passionate and fact-filled than usual, also had a surprise ending when Justice Clarence Thomas posed a question — the first time in three years.