Seminars at Steamboat 2018

Hear the 2018 Seminars at Steamboat on KUNC, Sundays at 8:00 p.m.

Seminars at Steamboat was founded in 2003 to bring experts on a wide range of public policy topics to the Steamboat community. The seminars are non-partisan and free to the public.

The typical format is a 45-to-50-minute presentation followed by a question and answer session. Each seminar is followed by a Dutch-treat dinner with the speaker so that Friends of the Seminars can continue the conversation.

Seminar topics have included the economy, foreign affairs, national security, immigration reform, health care, the media, drugs and sports, the environment, climate change, education, the 9-11 Commission and more.

Previous Years

Seminars at Steamboat 2017

Robert E. Stein / Seminars at Steamboat

Two of the nation's most notable political science scholars predict the Democrats will take over the House of Representatives this fall, with one of them telling a Steamboat Springs audience that if President Donald Trump is going to be impeached, she hopes Nancy Pelosi will be speaker of the house.

Jennie Lay / Seminars at Steamboat

One of the nation's leading transportation policy experts told the audience attending Seminars at Steamboat on July 30 that common use of full autonomous vehicle, or AVs, are a generation to 50 years off, but communities need to start implementing rules and regulations now to guide the process.

Jennie Lay / Seminars at Steamboat

A three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist from The New York Times spoke to a Steamboat Springs audience about his topics of expertise: cyber warfare and national security.

David E. Sanger started his policy speech on "Cyber Conflict" with a nod to one of President Trump's anti-media phrases, "The Failing New York Times."

Jennie Lay / Seminars at Steamboat

A former ambassador under three American presidents - and for years, the go-to guy for North Korea policy - regaled a Steamboat Springs audience Monday night with stories of life from the front lines of diplomacy.

Jennie Lay / Seminars at Steamboat

Take heart folks, the same way Apple changed the music scene and Amazon changed the way people shop, some brilliant innovation could be one of the ways America helps solves its health care crisis.