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A small group of baggage handlers and wheelchair assistants at Denver International Airport have walked off the job to protest what they call unsafe working conditions.

About 20 employees of Illinois-based Prospect Airport Services say managers haven't responded to their complaints.

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Ahead of Uber's initial public offering, drivers for Uber, Lyft and other ride-hailing companies went on strike Wednesday, turning off the apps as they flex their collective muscles to say: What about us?

Drivers in 10 cities across the country took action Wednesday to draw attention to what they say are decreasing wages for drivers and a distressing lack of job security — and some are calling on passengers to temporarily boycott the ride-hailing services, too.

King Soopers
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The union’s Facebook post came early Monday after a marathon of sorts.

“After another 37 hours of bargaining this weekend, we have secured a final offer with King Soopers/City Market,” it read. “Details and statewide vote dates and locations will be posted soon.”

King Soopers
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King Soopers and City Market released details of its contract offer to UCFW Local 7 on Friday, saying it wanted to set the record straight on what is being offered.

The move comes as the possibility of a strike looms large and bargaining plans take shape for over the weekend.

King Soopers
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Employees of Colorado King Soopers and City Market stores begin voting today on their first strike authorization since 1996.

That means around 12,000 unionized butchers, cashiers and shelf-stockers might soon walk off the job.