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Super Tuesday

The 1A Super Tuesday Bonanza

Mar 4, 2020

Super Tuesday belonged to former Vice President Joe Biden, demonstrating a tremendous comeback from a candidate who has spent much of the primary season on the ropes.

Yesterday, 14 states and American Samoa held their Democratic primary contests with a total of 1,357 delegates up for grabs. That represented a third of the total delegates available from the entire primary.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, his campaign thought to be on life support less than a week ago, emerged from Super Tuesday contests a reinvigorated candidate after racking up victories in 10 states, including delegate-rich Texas.

Biden's narrow win in the Lone Star State capped off his sweep of the South that also included wins in Alabama, North Carolina and Virginia.

Former Vice President Joe Biden went on a romp across the South on Tuesday, winning over several states with large majorities of African Americans. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders won the largest state on the Super Tuesday map, California, where Latinos make up about a third of the Democratic electorate.

All told, the 14 states that voted Tuesday offer the clearest distillation yet of the two distinct paths that Sanders and Biden would take to build a winning Democratic coalition to defeat President Trump in November.

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With almost half of precincts reporting, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was declared the winner of Colorado's Democratic presidential primary.

Tuesday is the biggest primary day of the 2020 race, when 14 states are holding contests with 1,357 delegates at stake. Follow NPR's coverage for the latest news, analysis and results.

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Today is Super Tuesday, the day that Coloradans officially get a say in the presidential primary.

And, while we may start getting initial results about turnout and voter preferences at 7 p.m. when the polls close, it may take longer to calculate how many delegates each candidate will receive.

Get the latest on Colorado's primary races for president, Senate and House.

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Super Tuesday is the biggest day of the Democratic primary campaign. Fourteen states will hold nominating contests to pick who they think should square off this fall against President Trump.

There are 1,357 delegates at stake, about a third of all delegates. So far, fewer than 4% of the delegates have been allocated.

The caucus debacle that went down in Iowa at the beginning of February wasn't supposed to happen. But as states across the nation prepare for Super Tuesday, experts say American voters should get used to waiting for election results.

In many states, a delay of days or even weeks won't be the result of a botched election — but instead proof that the process is working.

Jared Polis
Scott Franz / Capitol Coverage

Colorado is moving up its 2020 presidential primaries from June to Super Tuesday in March, hoping to lure major party contenders to the purple state.

Gov. Jared Polis made the announcement Tuesday, adding Colorado to at least 10 states conducting their presidential primaries on March 3.