US Dept of Interior

A new report from the U.S. Department of the Interior says the agency’s work contributed more than $14 billion to Colorado’s economy last year.

Thousands of Coloradans were forced to flee their homes from Pikes Peak to Estes Park over the weekend as wildfires continued to rage during a record heat wave.

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Image is everything. And this past week the national image of Colorado has been one of dark plumes of smoke and bright red and orange flames leaping into the air from the High Park Fire.

Niagara Falls has long been a magnet for daredevils, but strict laws have kept them away for more than a century. That's expected to change Friday, when circus performer Nik Wallenda will walk a two-inch-thick wire above the giant waterfall. It's an exception officials hope will rescue tourism — and the city's economy.

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The economic turmoil in Greece is a concern for many U.S.-based travel companies that specialize in package tours to some of the Mediterranean’s most revered destinations.

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A Colorado State University audit has identified areas of growth in what is a lucrative industry: tourism. 

Busy Week for Conventions in Denver

Aug 24, 2011
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This week is expected to be one of the busiest convention weeks in Denver since 2008’s Democratic National Convention; millions of dollars will flow into the local economy as a result.

Matt Inde / Weaver Multimedia Group

As The Tour de France continues, Colorado is trying to put more of a spotlight on upcoming cycling events and opportunities.