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College student Naya O'Reilly understands why the University of Colorado Boulder canceled graduation due to COVID-19. But they said it was "horrible" to receive an email from the university detailing the decision.

Esther Honig

Between the high cost of housing and shrinking federal funding for local organizations, many refugees resettled in Colorado find themselves stuck in chronic poverty. That’s according to new research from the University of Colorado Boulder, which studied refugee communities across the Front Range. 

Xiaoling Chen, a geography doctoral student,wanted to understand why refugees became trapped in low-wage jobs, despite the state and federal resources intended to help them succeed.   

Theta Pi group
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It's the second night of rush week for Theta Pi Sigma, a Greek letter organization at the University of Colorado Boulder. More than a dozen students have split into two groups to play a Google version of Family Feud. Senior Naya O'Reilly huddles with one of the teams.

"Do we want a name?" O'Reilly asked the group. "Team name anyone?"

James Brody and Brittany Bonner
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College athletes have coaches, trainers and physical therapists who place a lot of focus on keeping them physically fit and help them recover from injuries. At the University of Colorado - Boulder, there's a similar program for musicians.

"It's something that a lot of people in the general population don't really quite understand about musicians — that we do things that are athletic in nature," said James Brody, director of CU's Musicians' Wellness program.

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About 100 students, faculty, staff and alumni gathered on the campus of the University of Colorado Boulder Monday to protest the sole finalist for the system's next president.

Mark Kennedy was unanimously recommended by the CU Board of Regents earlier this month.

University of Colorado Boulder Concrete Canoe Team

We’ve all heard about a cardboard boat race, or perhaps a soapbox derby, but a concrete canoe race?

Student engineers from across the region will descend on Boulder Reservoir Saturday, April 6 to compete for the title of having the best and fastest concrete canoe. University of Colorado Boulder’s student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers is hosting the competition.

Brewtography Project

The closest that Travis Rupp came to getting fired, he says, was the time he tried to make chicha. The recipe for the Peruvian corn-based beer, cobbled together from bits of pre-Incan archaeological evidence, called for chewed corn partially fermented in spit. So, Rupp’s first task had been to convince his colleagues to gather round a bucket and offer up their chompers for the cause.

Police have closed their investigation into whether several female students at the University of Colorado were drugged at parties because of a problem with blood samples taken from some of the alleged victims.

The Daily Camera reports six women reported they believed they were drugged Oct. 17 at parties at four different fraternities near the school's campus in Boulder.

Polis for Colorado

The highlights from Jared Polis' decade in the U.S. House of Representatives were downloaded onto a 120-gigabyte flash drive this month and delivered to the University of Colorado Boulder.

Archivists at the school are very excited about the gift.

Glenn Asakawa / University of Colorado

University of Colorado-Boulder chemistry professor Carson Bruns has had a love affair with tattoos ever since first getting inked at the age of 19.

“Despite being a scientist, I’ve always loved art,” Bruns said. “Making it, contemplating it -- so when I started my career here at CU Boulder, I was trying to think of new ideas to work on and I kept coming back to tattooing because I knew that, as a technology, tattoos hadn’t been updated in a really long time.”

Until now.