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If you enjoy the convenience of streaming your favorite TV shows and movies online, the next couple of years may be rough. The Federal Communications Commission may change how internet service providers can operate, which could lead to slower speeds for some websites and diminished access. But a small, Fort Collins business may actually benefit from the potential rule change.

Take A Look Inside The Colorado Lab Trying To Breed Better, More Helpful Bugs

Jul 21, 2016
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Halfway down a dead-end road in the small farming town of Palisade, Colorado, is a research facility known as "The Insectary." Scientists at the lab develop "biocontrol insects," bugs adapted to attacking other insects and the plants harmful to agriculture. Colorado's Insectary is the oldest and largest facility of its kind in the United States.

It's here that the Colorado Department of Agriculture is finding ways to kill pests dead – without the aid of chemicals.

David Steinmann

Native American legends spoke of a gateway to the underworld, with noxious clouds of steam spewing from the Earth. Humans would pass out in a few minutes if they enter the cave because of the lethal levels of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. Located on the side of Steamboat Springs' Howelsen Hill, the ancient cave was formed by hot spring water flowing through the travertine rock.

This dark, slimy, stinky site -- Sulphur Cave Spring -- is also the only place in the world a new species of tiny worms have been found.

Just off the boardwalk at Brooklyn's Coney Island sits the New York Aquarium, the oldest continuously operating aquarium in the U.S. Among its many attractions, the place plays host to tiger sharks, sea lions — and one former rock star.

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Magician Nate Staniforth doesn’t put on the typical magic act.

Forget about blaring rock music, flashy costumes and fancy pyrotechnics. The host of Discovery Channel’s Breaking Magic prefers his shows to be less about what’s happening on stage and more about what’s happening in the audience.

White House /

As is the tradition following any championship win, the Denver Broncos were the latest team to visit the White House as the victors of Super Bowl 50.

Mike Kaplan / U.S. Air Force

Remarks by the President at the graduation ceremony for the Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colo., June 2, 2016.

Here Are 6 Things To Know About The Latest GMO Science

May 17, 2016
Luke Runyon / KUNC and Harvest Public Media

Genetically-engineered crops are generally safe to eat, but in the 20 years since the first commercial GMO crops hit the market, they haven’t delivered on all their promises, according to a new analysis from a National Academy of Sciences panel.

For more than two decades genetically-engineered crops -- plants in which scientists have transferred genes among species to achieve new traits like herbicide tolerance or insecticide -- have been lightning rods in food discussions.

Perhaps the report’s greatest charge to its readers: avoid sweeping generalizations about GMOs, which can paint a broad swath of plant varieties considered to be “GMO” as either good or evil, panacea or scourge, savior or destructor.

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Standing next to a piano with her ukulele, singer Mandy Harvey is performing for a private party in Greenwood Village. If you look down, you might notice she’s not wearing shoes…

“You can feel things better when you’re standing on the stage,” Harvey said. “Being able to feel the music through the floor, it makes me feel like I’m a part of the band and not just the only person in the room who doesn’t really understand what’s going on.”

So why footwear free? Harvey, who splits her time between Colorado and Florida, can’t hear the band. Or herself. She’s deaf.

Arne Svenson / Courtesy the artist and Julie Saul Gallery, New York

Peek-a-boo, Arne Svenson's camera sees you. From a voyeuristic photo exhibition to a sleepover at one of Colorado's oldest venues to a Beatles reunion – of sorts – this week is pretty packed with options.