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Weld County

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It’s Election Day in Colorado. This marks the first election with the state’s new voting rules and the first in which all voters received a mail ballot.

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Off year elections typically don’t gather much attention. That’s not the case in 2013 where the nascent 51st State Movement has a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the idea of breaking away from the rest of Colorado on the ballot in 11 counties.

Weld County

After Oct. 15, citizens of Weld County will start to see mail-in ballots arrive. Included in the off-year ballot are mayoral, city council and school district races. It will also include ballot question 1A, asking if the county should pursue separating from Colorado to form a new state.

Weld County

Voters in 11 counties will decide Nov. 5 if they want county commissioners to continue pursuing the possibility of creating a 51st state. In advance of that vote, supporters of the new state movement continue to pursue the discussion.

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Colorado could stand to benefit financially and would see some improvement in the educational and economic standings of its remaining citizens if 10 northeastern counties should make good on their threat to secede and carve out a new state of North Colorado.

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Colorado state Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush says she plans to take up the issue of water contamination and greater setbacks for oil and gas wells from waterways in the wake of September's devastating flooding.

Bloomberg Businessweek spoke with Weld Commissioner Sean Conway and 51st State Initiative President Tom Gilley in a look at where the new state movement stands after the historic flood and the costly rebuilding efforts.

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The flood damage in Colorado is immense, reaching beyond homes and small businesses. The raging rivers also spilled into low-lying farm and ranchland, wrecking costly equipment and stranding livestock.

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The City of Evans is still trying to get one of its waste water treatment plants back online after floodwaters shut it down.

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All of that water has to go somewhere, and in the case of Colorado's historic flooding, those waters headed east - right toward the South Platte and Greeley.