Well Setbacks

Jim Hill/KUNC

Fort Collins is close to increasing the minimum distance it requires between new developments and oil and gas wells within its borders.

The city council voted on Aug. 21 to change minimum setbacks from homes from 350 feet to 500 feet. It also created a new 1,000-foot buffer for more populated buildings like schools, hospitals, nursing homes and daycare centers.

Courtesy of Walker Stapleton for Governor, Polis for Colorado

The Republican candidate for Colorado governor is warning that Democrats want to impose job-killing restrictions on oil and gas development.

Courtesy of Rebecca Everette / City of Fort Collins

Fort Collins is updating their oil and gas regulations after the Colorado Supreme Court rejected a voter-approved moratorium on oil and gas drilling in 2016, saying the five-year time-out conflicted with state law. The city is taking up the issue now, not because of looming oil and gas development but because it expects more home development near existing wells. The focus is on setbacks, or how far homes must be from oil and gas wells.