Winter Park

Michael Forsberg

In June KUNC posed a Curious Colorado question to listeners: "Are you a teacher - or do you know one - who has to get a summer job to make ends meet? Share your plans with us."

Kery Harrelson, the IT Director for East Grand School District in Granby, Colorado, responded, saying he 'crisscrossed' the Continental Divide.

His summer break essay follows:

Over my summer break I walked about 180 miles.

I've been the IT Director for East Grand Schools for well over a decade but have worked several side and summer jobs as well. I've been a bellman, a raft guide, freelance computer tech, network engineer and graphic designer. Colorado home prices can be prohibitively high so my side jobs - especially my latest - have been essential in augmenting my income and ultimately allowing me to buy my house.

Screencap / Vail Mountain

This spring storm bringing heavy snowfall to Colorado is having a big impact on the closing date for ski resorts.

Photo by Kirk Siegler

Colorado’s snowpack is nearing the lowest it’s been in decades.  The mild winter is bad news for powder skiers and snow-dependent businesses in the state.  It’s also a concern for millions of people across the Southwest who depend on melting snow for their drinking water and farms.