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Remembering the flood that changed the Front Range

Rushing brown water flows past muddy banks with people with umbrellas walking on a dirt road on one side of the flowing water.
Kerry Grimes
Kiowa Road bridge in Pinewood Springs was washed out by the Little Thompson River in the 2013 floods. The bridge was rebuilt in 2018.

Ten years ago, a large storm parked itself over the mountains and foothills of Northern Colorado. It stayed for days, dropping a lot of rain that eventually made its way down into a number of Front Range communities, washing out roads, bridges, and dams - and forcing thousands to evacuate. Ten years later, we're looking at how those floods changed the way communities get ready to meet the next natural disaster.

In this episode, we talk with reporter and editor Luke Runyon, who covered the floods in 2013 and has followed up recently on recovery efforts that, in some areas, are still ongoing.