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Thirst Gap: Trailer

A person stands in a beached river raft on dry rocky land overlooking a water body with red rock canyons in the distance
Alex Hager
A motor churns up beige-colored river water as a boat veers through a red-rock canyon at Lake Powell in Utah on July 5, 2022. The reservoir's recreation industry has struggled to adapt to record low levels over the past two years.

Thirst Gap is a six-part podcast series about how the Southwest is adapting to water shortages as climate change causes the region to warm up and dry out. The series zooms in on people and places grappling with limited water supplies in the Colorado River watershed, and examines the tradeoffs that come with learning to live with less water.

As KUNC’s managing editor and reporter covering the Colorado River Basin, I dig into stories that show how water issues can both unite and divide communities throughout the Western U.S. I edit and produce feature stories for KUNC and a network of public media stations in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, California and Nevada.