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In Colorado's push toward plant-based medicine, Indigenous healers want to be at the forefront

Kuthoomi Castro, Indigenous Mestizos Kichwa Two Spirit counselor
Courtesy of Kuthoomi Castro
Kuthoomi Castro, an Indigenous Mestizos Kichwa Two Spirit counselor, was born and raised in Ecuador and is currently based in Boulder. They are among a group pushing to center the voices and experiences of Indigenous healers in the plant-based medicine movement in Colorado.

Coloradans recently approved the legalization of certainplant-based psychedelic substances, including psilocybin and psylocin found in so-called magic mushrooms – paving the way for licensed healing centers where people can legally obtain these plant medicines in the coming years. Indigenous people have long been the historical facilitators of this kind of medicine, leading ceremonies in lesser-known locations. As this movement sprouts above ground, some Indigenous healers and activists say they should be at the forefront.

In today's episode, we talk with Kuthoomi Castro, a Boulder-based clinical mental health counselor, and one of those calling for greater representation.